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over 2 years ago

By Sharon Cordle

The Project is due by January 19, 2018.

This is one sample of a board.  You can google more samples.

Here is a guide you can use while doing your project.

Problem – What are you trying to figure out? Write this in the form of a question.

Hypothesis – What do you think you are going to find out?

Materials – List the materials you will use in the experiment.

Procedures – Make a detailed list of the steps in your experiment. (Use another sheet of paper if necessary)

Results – What did you observe when you performed the experiment? (Use another sheet of paper if necessary)

Conclusion – From what you observed, how would you answer your original question? (Use another sheet of paper if necessary)

Science Project Rubric

about 1 year ago

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By Sharon Cordle


about 1 year ago

PLEASE sign up for active parent with the school counselor.  You can see your child's grades when ever you want.

Please study vocabulary words daily.        Week of 2/7-16/18

Mon -- finish defining new vocab. words. (listed below 2/12)

Tue--  Study vocab words and atmosphere notebook study guide.

Wed.-- Create a picture for each cloud, describe it, and what does each cloud tell you about the weather.

Thur.-- Study for test tomorrow

Friday--  Read AR book and start studying new words.

Vocabulary: Please study all vocabulary from this school year.  It should only take 10 minutes a day.

2/12/18 words

atmosphere, hydrosphere, rain gauge, wind vane, barometer, thermometer, hygrometer, anemometer, cumulus, cirrus, stratus clouds, evaporation, precipitation, condensation, water cycle,   troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere and exosphere

(starts on page 284)

1/22/18 words

Lithosphere, crust,mantle, core,fault, magma, rock cycle, igneous rock,sedimentary rock,metamorphic rock,weathering, erosion,deposition,Pangaea Theory,continental drift.

11/13 Words

Conductor, insulator, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, elements, compounds, mixture, homogeneous mixture, heterogeneous mixture, solution, solute, solvent, alloy, suspension, atom, molecule, periodic table, chemical formula, subscript, proton, neutron, electron, nucleus, chemical change, physical change, chemical properties, physical properties.

10/25 Words

Matter, weight, volume, density, mass, boiling point, freezing point, mixtures, solutions, filtration, sifting, magnetism, evaporation, flotation, solubility, buoyancy, solid, liquid, gas

10/16 Words

hypothesis, inference, observation, question, data, conclusion, results, variable, control, dependent variable, independent variable, investigation.

9/11 Words

cell, unicellular, multicellular, chlorophyll, tissue, organ, organ system, classification, kingdom, species, vertebrate, invertebrate, vascular, nonvascular, animal kingdom, plant kingdom, fungus kingdom, bacteria kingdom, protist kingdom, virus


asexual reproduction,sexual reproduction,vegetative propagation,budding, fruiting body,fertilization, trait, splitting,runners, seed coat,embryo, conifers,germination, dispersed,spores, ovary,regeneration, pollination,binary fission,angiosperm.

8/21 words

structural adaptation, behavioral adaptation, camouflage, protective coloration, protective resemblance, mimicry, variation, natural selection, extinct species, fossil, era, population, migration, hibernation 

8/14 words

adaptations, ecosystem, consumer, producer, herbivores, carnivores, omnivore, decomposer, food chains, food webs, abiotic, biotic, scavenger, primary consumer, secondary consumers, tertiary consumers, competition, native, exotic species, predator, prey, organisms

How to make a vocabulary book.

One sheet of paper folded in half will make four pages.  Take the number of words you have and divide by four.  On the front page Write the title of your book, your name, and the date it is due.  One word goes on each page. The word, definition, an illustration of that word, and the word used in a 5th grade sentence goes on each page.

Cereal Box Project

over 2 years ago


Cereal Box Planet

 Student: ___________________   Subject:  Science       Grade:  5th     Due

Evaluated By:


Level 4

Level 3

Level 2

Level 1

Front of Box

More than the required items are present and neat

All required items are present

Two items are present and work is neat.

One item is present.

Back of Box

More than what is required is present and work is neat.

All items are present and work is neat.

One required item is present

No item is present.

Side Box--nutritional info.

All items are present and it describes the planet in a fun way.

10 Items are present.

7-9 items are present.

Fewer than 7 items are present.

Side of Box--summary

Summary is very informative about planet.(More than 10 facts)

Summary has 7-8 facts about planet.

Summary has 4-5 facts about planet.

Summary has less than 4 facts about planet.


Very enthusiastic about project. Knows the information without having  to constantly refer to box.

Is excited about project and only has to look at box one or two times for information.

Not playing around and uses box several times for information.

Reads from the box and/or is playful.



Planetary Cereal Project

You will invent a cereal which is unique and designed after one of the planets in our solar system.  The planet you have been assigned is _____________________.  Your project is due _________________.


Materials:  colored pencils/markers/crayons, empty cereal box, white paper or construction paper, scissors, lots of creativity 

Front of Box

          Name the Cereal – must include the  planet name

          Picture – cereal, something eating the cereal, planet,….etc.

          3 Descriptions of cereal– taste, shape, color, what it does; must use 3 vocabulary   

                                      words from lesson, the words must be underlined and used correctly

Back of Box

          1 activity must be a crossword, or other knowledge type activity using 10

                              facts/vocabulary words about the planet

          1 activity must be a cartoon, maze, hidden picture, picture to color – just fun stuff

Side 1

 Nutrition Facts and ingredients – be creative, you can slip in some funny stuff

Side 2

Report about the planet, - approximately 1 written page, make it fit by typing a column and altering the font size as necessary


Extras are good, be CREATIVE.  Look at cereal boxes in the grocery stores, your cabinets at home for information.  You can also find additional information in reference books.  You may go to and  

Have Fun!!

Tip:  The bigger the box, the better.

By Sharon Cordle