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7 days ago

Poetry Alive

Poetry Alive visited BES on October 7, 2019, and they have the students excited to read more poetry!

Performance at BES

The actors helped bring poetry to life!


Poetry Alive utilized student interaction to make their performance fun.

Meditation Corner

The students enjoy the "Meditation Corner" just to take a quick break or for silent reading. 


We had a fun lesson on the elements of fables, and the children acted out "Anansi and the Moss-Covered Rock." 

Making Good Choices

BES students cannot get enough of "What Should Danny Do?" Students get to help Danny make choices, and those choices change the story and change the ending!

Library Lessons

Students have fun learning about proper book care!

Levitating Globe

BES students are fascinated with our levitating globe. "Wow! It floats in mid-air!" 

Quiet "Critters"

The kindergarteners love our quiet "critters." We have to be quiet when they come out of their soundproof home because noise hurts their little ears. : ) 


Kindergarten students are so careful with the little Quiet Critters.

"Book Diva"

It has been a joyous first nine weeks. We are learning AND having fun in the Library!

We Love Reading!

The students have been so excited to check out books, to read them, and to take AR tests. 

By Tammie Bullard


The Poky Little Puppy was a favorite with kindergarten students.

Did you know...

that there IS a right way and a wrong way to turn pages of a book? Kindergarten students are practicing how to turn them correctly. 

Dr. Jean Songs

In the Library, we are big fans of Dr. Jean! In this picture, kindergarten students are doing the "Banana Dance."

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