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3rd grade

5th/6th sped

5th grade math

A God fearing Woman

all is well

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Campbell's Class 2017-2018

Class Newsletter

Compare & Contrast RL3.9

Context Clues

Context Clues

Context Clues Quiz

Context Clues Test

Context Clues Test 1

Creative Creatures

Decimal Pop-Quiz

Fall Semester Exam Part 1

Fall Semester Exam Part 2

Fraction Book Quiz

George's Class 2015-2016

Gifted Discovery

Gifted Discovery

Hamilton's Heroes!

Keeping Up With the Joneses

L24 Spelling Test

L5 Vocab

Laughter makes me happy.

Lesson 13 Vocab. Test

Lesson 17 Vocabulary

Lesson 24 Spelling

lesson 24 vocab 2/23

lesson 24 vocab 2/23

Lesson 24 Vocabulary

Lesson 24 Vocabulary Test

Lesson 25 Vocab. Test

lesson 2 vocab

Lesson 2 Vocabulary Assessment

Lesson 6 Spelling Test

lesson 6 vocabulary

Lesson 6 Vocabulary

Magnolia Research Database

Main Idea Test 2018

Marshall County Library System

Midnight Ride of Paul Revere Quiz

Miss Boyd's Class

Miss Bradley's Bees

Miss Walton's Wonder-Working Wizards

Mr. Garrison's Kindergarten Class

Mr. J. Williams 5th Grade Mathematics Classes

Mrs. Cordle's Science Classes

Mr. Scott's Homeroom

Mrs. Fletcher's Class

Mrs. G's Bees

Mrs. Hamilton's All-Stars

Mrs. Hamilton's Super Stars

Mrs. Pope's Second Grade Class

Mrs. Todd 2015 - 2016

Mrs. Washington's 1st Grade Class

Ms. Carter's Caterpillars

Ms. Cruse's 3rd Grade Class

Ms. McAlexander's 3rd Grade

Ms. Rosenthal's Class

Ms. Seals Scholars

Ms. Smith's Tiny Toads



Physical Education

RI 3.2 Main Idea Assessment

RI 3.3 Relationships in Historical Events

RI 3.4 Assessment

RI 3.5 Quiz

RI 3.6 Assessment

RI 3.8 Assessment (Fall)

RI 3.9 Assessment

RI 3.9 CompareContrast

RI.3.9 Comparing two texts

RI.4.3 Technical Texts Assessment

RI/RL 3.1 Assessment

RL 3.2 Recount Stories/Determine Message

RL 3.3 Character Traits and Actions

Rl 3.3 Describing characters

RL 3.6 Assessment

RL 3.9 Compare and Contrast

RL.3.9 Comparing Themes, Settings

Sample Test

semester exam

Semester Exam Part 1

Semester Exam Part 2

spelling test 2/23



Student Registration for the 2017-2018 School Year

Technical Text Assessment

That Quiz - Math Quizzes

That Quiz- Math Quizzes

The BES Music Room

The Tale of Despereaux

Think Central

Vocab 2018 homophones