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Physical Education Activity Class Schedule

over 4 years ago

By Charles Mcclatchy

8:00-8:50  2nd Grade

8:50-9:40  Kindergarten

9:40-10:30  1st Grade

11:50-12:40  3rd Grade

12:40-1:30  5th Grade

1:30-2:20  4th Grade

Lesson Plans - August 6-14 Welcome to P.E.

over 4 years ago

During the first week or so of classes, we will cover and emphasize our p.e. safety rules. When students follow our safety rules, they help ensure that all the students have a greater opportunity to have a safe and enjoyable experience in our activities. We will also be covering our B.E.S. PBIS rules of behavior expectations of our students.                                                                                         Students will be introduced to the exercises and class walk that we do at the beginning of our classes.